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Riding with groups compared to riding by yourself

In cycling - you have the commuters and you have the people that ride recreationally. Either way, it’s always fun to ride within a group.

There is nothing like having friends that you know that will have your back and look out for your wheel while on the road. Riding your bike in the street is already dangerous whether you're in the bike lane or not, all it takes is one mistake either by the cyclist or by the automobile driver and that could be it. If you have multiple people back to back on each other’s wheel you have more ears and eyes to stay alert for any dangerous situation and at the same time you are more visible to drivers because u have more people around you to catch their eye .

Often times riding in groups can bring out competitive spirits and at times you would want to do better then the other person. Especially race when you get the chance. The more you ride together the more you push each other to be better. It’s often easier to pick up the pace when you're in a group and keep the pace going, you have the lead begin pushing and everybody else behind resting before each person rotates their turn . Riding by yourself, yes, you can improve but this isn’t as fun as riding with your friends or family Memories are created and you end up growing a deeper bond in the end.

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