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The views and scenery of cycling

The society of cycling is vast. You have your mountain bikers, you have your roadies, you have the fixie community; but all together we unite as one. From a roadie perspective, you have so many positive outlooks when riding for one the amazing views and scenery you get to see that you normally don’t get to witness if u traveled by automobile, (of course at the same time you are getting a work out). There’s nothing like finding a perfect route for your exercise and for the views Miami offers. So much in this department from south beach to coconut grove but one of my favorite scenic routes is along 125th going towards Collins and the beach .

On either side that you look you will see the ocean, large tall buildings and bridges and if the sky is clear the view just from riding thru is amazing. One of my favorite routes to take every morning as the sun comes up above the clouds the colors you see ahead of you makes me feel energized. You often would just want to stop to just get that perfect sun rise picture.


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