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Switching to Grand Prix 5000 and Never Going Back

So far, Tall Paul, has only had experience with the continental tires and in the past swore to only ride on 28 mm width sized 700c tires.

Over time he's grown to love different types but so far his favorite series is the Grand Prix 5000 tan side walls. Although they only come in a standard size of 25 mm the ride and road feel of those tires is amazing. Prior to this he used continental gator skins and they are really durable and can last a long time but on the downside are super heavy. So if your trying to get that snap power or speed you are working a little harder with those tires. Once switching to the Grand Prix 5000 he instantly felt a difference in the bite of the tire Or when cornering, he expresses it as feeling a lot sharper.

The company Continental makes their tires out of a compound they call black chili. This is patented by them. The Gatorskin tire line has more of a puncture resistant technology built in while the 5000 series is more of a race tire. But we'd like to point out, once u make the switch you will never go back . The 5000 series, being a little soft, grips the ground a lot better helping more with the handling and gives you a lot more confidence when racing knowing you will not have a miss hap and are less likely for your tires to have traction problems. Of course the best part of them, the tan side walls changes the look of the bike dramatically almost makes it pop a whole of a lot more and definitely just stands out in a room full of bikes.

Come purchase a pair for yourself or a pair for your cycling gf/bf @MiamiBikes


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